Massage Chairs

Convert Massage Chairs or Similar Assets into Pay Per Use model. For Deploying in Unmanned Manner. Without the need for customers to download custom apps


Vending Machines

Remove the Hassle of Taking Payment in Cash and Simply Digitize Entire Payment Process Using UPI. That too without the need of customers to download a custom app. 

Also get complete inventory management and accounting capabilities along with the system


Physical Ticketing

Physical Ticketing Can Often Be a Bottleneck At High Footfall Situations. These could be events, bus ticketing, railways, etc.  

Our UPI Based Printer / WhatsApp based ticketing can help break these bottlenecks. Thereby reduce costs and improve customer experience.


Rent a Gadget

Renting Physical Equipment Like Battery Banks, Mobile Charger, Tablet, etc without the Need of a Custom App Can Increase the Adaption Significantly. We can help you out with that.


Self Checkout - Grocery Stores

Self Checkout Kiosks Can Help Break Those Long Lines at Grocery and High Footfall Stores. 

We can help you with the back end tech for such use cases